Varinder Kaur (Bawa)
She was born in a middle-class family and was the youngest of all her siblings. She was almost 13 years younger to her elder sibling. Being, the youngest, she was the darling of her sisters, brother and parents. She was literally life-line of her father, whom she adored most. She grew into a confident girl admired by one and all for her confidence, beautiful smile,compassion towards others and helping attitude. As per her father, she brought prosperity and happiness in their house, soon after birth and he firmly believed her to be the cause behind the continued benevolence of almighty. At home, her father shielded her from the household chores, much to the exasperation of her mother, who wanted her to learn the basics like cooking etc. Finally, the mother found a way out and she divided the household chores to her three daughters and our celebrity, too got a portion of it. On her maiden visit to the kitchen, she burnt her hand slightly while trying to make soup. Well, was that intentional or a purely accident, one can’t say for sure but that was the last day before her marriage that she entered kitchen. Her father took on her share of responsibility and declared that his favourite daughter was excused the lowly household works like making tea, cooking food etc. That was the more than unconditional love of a father speaking for his daughter. Her family had a great bonding. Before, retiring to bed at night, they used to play some games as a family and had a habit of having a cup of tea before calling it a day. The one loosing out in the game was assigned the responsibility of making tea for everyone. Father ensured that his younger daughter never lost the game. If despite all types of hook and crook , she couldn’t be saved from loosing the game, the father would make tea himself instead of allowing his daughter to step into the kitchen.
There have been many times in my life when 'people' have walked out, but there is always this Friend in mother who is always by my side. When I read through the list of those who have inspired, sadly, I'd shake my head and she involved herself in the lives of others, made sure all people felt comfortable with her, and never excluded anyone. Her story, Her life, Her purpose are my inspiration.She becomes my nurse, my Chef, my teacher, my Cleaner, my launderette, my Friend in everyday life. she is a full time working housewife,she works 24 hours a day...she is an alarm clock, a cook, a maid, a teacher, a waiter, a nanny, a nurse, a handyman, a security officer, a counselor and a comforter.she don't get holidays, sick leave or days off. she work through day and night. She used to work 12 hours straight and still be the most efficient mother and perfect wife at home. Even when I was 12 years old, a child, seeing her juggle all her roles so effortlessly made me marvel-what kind of metal is she made of? How can she be the most cheerful, optimist, laughing person 24 /7 when the rest of us get upset over small things? But that is how she is! Without a speck of anger or hatred for anyone,she always taught me-you are only going to destroy yourself if you let negative emotions overwhelm you! With her sunny disposition, her care-free smile, her regular pearls of wisdom, her benevolence, her compassion, her way of connecting with everyone she meets-she will always be THE BEST TEACHER for me!
Mrs. Madhumita Padmapati
The woman who inspires me most is none other than my wife Mrs. Madhumita Padmapati. Her compassion towards fellow human beings is second to none. I will narrate just one incident out of many to give you a sense of what I mean. Once on board a flight from Kolkata to Guwahati, a young lady, who was a complete stranger to us and who was sitting next to my wife, suddenly fell critically ill. Before my wife could realize what was happening, the lady, who as we subsequently came to know had had some cardiac ailment, suddenly collapsed on my wife's lap without any prior indication. She had lost consciousness and had simply fallen over. We were staggered and scared to the hilt. Just imagine for a second how you would have felt and what would have happened to you if a young lady had fallen down unconscious over you just like that without any rhyme or reason, and that too on board a flight ! We immediately called for help from the flight attendants. Together we splashed some water on her face. Nothing happened. My wife then directly poured some more water on her face from the water bottles the air hostesses had given her.Two bottles were emptied out. Yet she would not come round. My wife then further summoned up courage and started pouring down the third bottle as fast as she could, this time keeping the bottle much higher up and completely vertical to her face so as to accelerate the process and create a heavier impact, and at the same time began massaging her chest, gently at first and then harder, faster and quicker. Time dragged by on laden feet and seemed interminable. It must have been a little over three minutes when we first saw her eyelids flicker. She was beginning to regain her consciousness and our joy knew no bounds when eventually we saw her open her eyes fully. She started crying, and tightly held on to my wife for a couple of minutes and kept on saying timelessly “Thank you ! Thank you so much ! You have saved my life ! I owe you my life !”