Priyanka Singh
Her selfless nature towards me. A blessing to a have a sister like her. She is the one who sacrificed her career,dream so that i can become successful. She wanted to do MBBS but she sacrificed that for me ,she knew that parents are not that much financially strong that they can send both their wards out of town to study. Instead of Father's business being dropped to 0, she with a job of 10,000 per month managed the house amd my expenses. She is truly an inspiration for me.
Chumki Nath a.k.a MUMMA
My parents are nothing short of role models for both me and my sister, who have got undivided and unfailing love from them, no matter the circumstances. However, the onus of us growing into mature, somewhat worthy and confident humans goes to our mother. Being an Army wife, she has handled our various homes and us, almost alone. Every place that my dad got posted to, she turned the house we were alloted into our home. No matter where my dad was posted in, how many occasions he missed with us or how many holidays we spent at our grandmothers place without him; the one thing that was constantly provided us with, was extra care and love from our mom. While my dad was (and still is) serving the nation, she was (and still is) taking care of everything. Even while dealing with us strictly, her care for us, showed up in those scoldings too. To narrow it down to one quality in her that I admire, wouldn't be fair enough to attribute to the meanings she has brought in our lives. She has made our life (me and my sister) complete, and that's what we admire the most in her - she being the person that she is. She has shown us in endless situations that standing up for yourself is important, no matter if the world is against you. Hence, I'll always treasure her and her values; for what she taught me is go
Neha Singh
The reason. Why i am participating in this contest is not that i have done somthing which noone has ever done, its becaise to hear my story many girls or women can get inspiration and this story is very common. I am a single mother, got divorced in a very young age of 25, as i got married also when i was 19. Obviously not educated enough by tgat time, hardly graduation second completed and that too i remember post marriage only i have given final exams. Marriage was failed from day one due to the domestic violence and non respect, i have been in that failed marriage for 7 lobg years just to give every bit fron my end so that things might get changed, but nothing such happened, now the day comes i have my baby, a sweet little innocent baby, who does not even know the meaning of all thises big words i mentioned. But the situation of my marriage was getting worst day by day. One fine day i looked at my son and thought that i am responsible for his future as if somwthing went wrong in his life it will be my responsibility. And that very moment was enough to give me the courage of packing my bags and movibg out from the door withoit thinking about society and people. It was tough in starting as managing son and doing job was not easy, someday the thought also came that i will not be able to manage, i should call my aprents for help but then i have stopped myself. I pursued my MBA during this time and taken more challenges in professional life. Now as tome passed and its been 7 years i have been divorced, my son is 8 yrs old and he respect me and every women and me who is now a COO of a company. Every girl out there should never stop believing in them as its only you who can change your life. Have a good day.